Designer Bathroom Suites and Bespoke Shower Doors

You home is your haven, and why not have a beautiful designer bathroom suite to spend time in. With cleanliness being a paramount factor in our daily lives, from making sure you're nice and clean in the mornings, and relaxing after a hard day's work in your roll-top bath with soft lighting, music, maybe even a glass of wine - why shouldn't we spend just that little bit more in designing and perfecting your bathroom?

Most of us, when looking at houses tend to remember the kitchen and the bathroom the most - not the dining area or the living room, despite you spending so much time in these rooms - but it's the bathroom that really stands out sometimes. If you go for a designer or Balinese look with soft, tan tiles and modern fitments as well as a designer shower cubicle, or a bespoke shower door and screen, then you will instantly put yourself in a good mood for the day. With super-clean lines, easy to use and work bath taps and shower units, you can speed up the process of the morning wash with a new or modern bathroom.

Brushing your teeth doesn't have to be boring, you could have a sink to ceiling mirror, large basin and cool waterfall type taps to add a little pizzazz to your day. Clever bathroom storage units, not only tidy things away but make it easy to find your toothpaste and toothbrush, as well as give the whole bathroom a sleek and designer look.

Whether you have a quick 5 minute shower in the morning or a long soak after exercise, the shower  cubicle often needs to be larger than your standard 700mm shower door size as this gives you two options. First, is that you spin around cleaning yourself faster, and two, you can share the shower with a loved one. Yes, I said it, sharing a shower. There's nothing more natural and lovely than getting cleaned with your partner. It also speeds up the morning bathroom commute and gives you a few minutes with each other before heading off to work - and it saves water compared to two separate shower times.

When you're back in from work or exercise, having a long bath in a new, freshly bought bath is perfect. Add the hot water, get the steam going in the bathroom, to help exfoliate and open the pores of your skin which cleans deeper. A side fill bath tub is good to stretch our your legs without burning your toes on the hot tap. Also, in that vein, having a bathroom mixer tap helps avoid any burns which is handy especially if you have young children that like to touch everything they shouldn't!

Bespoke shower doors can be the real game changer when it comes to bathroom furniture. As not all houses are the same size, or shower cubicles, then you need a custom made shower door. This needs an expert to cut, shape and mould the shower door to the size you or your plumber needs. We can do this easily and the delivery time is only 1-2 days longer than our in-stock shower doors.

Designer bathroom suites range from modernistic to contemporary to rustic and many more. Obviously, you might want something completely bespoke yet designer so it's up to you to give our designers an idea what you like or elements you like. This means we can mock up something and once you're happy our creators can get building your bespoke designer kitchen immediately. Turnaround time and fitment all depends on the complexity of the work, but rest-assured it'll be worth it in the end.

Take a look at our designer bathrooms and bespoke shower doors and buy with confidence.