Designer Home Accessories and Fashionable Home Items

Whether you want to have the full designer home feel, or just one or two extremely nice products, Joot's home accessories are ideal for everyone in the UK. We only ship to the UK, for now at least, as we can control the shipping prices and be even more competitive than if we were to ship overseas. That said, get in touch if you require anything extra.

Our designer home furnishings, from cushions, throws, mirrors to rugs and home lighting, we can transform pretty much any house into a home. Giving style, an edge, design and that extra feel that you just don't get from high street or supermarket goods, we are proud to announce our company as the UK's leading and best home furnishing supplier.

Fashion is a statement. It's something that can't be measured, and cannot be quantified. Anything and everything can be fashionable, as it's a subjective choice rather than a definitive fact. That said, we choose our interior design products through our interior designer picks, and who love to pick and choose the very best items that are en vouge and on-trend. This means that compiling various designers and our current crop of staff to pick products that suit Joot's ethos and style means that if you like one product on our site; you're probably going to love many more.

Designer home accessories from Joot come in our various collections - this means that you can chop and change each one and it would still look great, or look at how our designers have compiled the collections so you have complimentary items in your home. We know that not everything works for every person's tastes or home, so we have an overall 'look' to our products so you can buy one, two, or twenty items and they will all 'go' together in the same house.