How Oak Console Tables are so Versatile

An oak console table has many uses. They are certainly crucial as
storage tables as some manufactured with drawers and a shelf. One very
popular use of these very versatile tables is to use them as a telephone
 table, housing the phone book and telephone.

Another good use
for a console table in the hallway is to have a secure drawer to house
your car and door keys, having them in one place is going to make it
much easier to find them when needed. Why not display family photographs
 or even recent wedding pictures on it, this makes a very nice display,
especially if you use quality silverware as your picture frames.

You could also display knick knacks, table lamp or even have a beautiful fruit bowl as a central display on the table.

 things to consider before buying your oak console table are, where are
you going to put the table and what size do you require?. You want to
make sure that they look neat and tidy and match the decor. This again
is a matter of individual choice, and I would highly recommend buying
them one at a time unless you can pick up a matching set at a good

The reason I say this is because you should buy as
required and not just for the sake of owning them. They are after all
designed for practical use, not just to look pretty, however as I said,
it is a personal choice.

What Are The Benefits Of Owning An Oak Console Table?

The main benefit is the ability to store things in them and on them. They
are convenient pieces of furniture that look beautiful and can add that
typical oak classic feel around the home. They are also powerful; the
oak is a very rugged and versatile wood which should give many years of

Oak is also a wood that can look very classic as a dark
wood, yet very modern as a light wood, so depending on your taste, it
should fit in very easily with the style of your house. These tables can
 be used to very good effect at the top of the stairs on the landing,
housing a single lamp and can also look good in the bathroom as a
storage unit for towels, toilet rolls etc. They have many uses, limited
only by your imagination.

What Would I Be Expected To Pay For An Oak Console Table?

This obviously varies, on the lower end you can expect to pay in double
figures, and as a very high-end product, you could pay as much as four
figures. However, the average price seems to be lower three figures. You
 should choose a table that is going to give you as many features as you
 need at a price you feel comfortable with.

These tables are available on the Internet and also in local furniture stores. You may
also find them at a discount at a local oak furniture sale, or even at a
 garage or antique sale. Obviously, an oak console table will
cost a lot more.

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