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How to change the bezels on your Seiko SKX watch

Are you bored with your Seiko watch and want a new design? Then the Seiko SKX mods will definitely be useful to you. The Seiko SKX007 is built in a way so as to facilitate modding using easily available mods. You do need to be an expert watch maker to do that, and neither do you have to go to a professional modder to get it done. If you have the right set of tools and a considerable amount of patience, then you can do it yourself at home. First of all, you need to get the correct tools. You can find tools for sale on and get them at a fair price. Once you have all of them, you are set to mod your watch.

The first step is to clean your workspace since even a grain of dust can damage the interiors of the finely tuned watch. Ensure that there is no oil or any substance that might alter the movement of the watch mechanism. A soft non slippery surface would be a good choice for the work since you would not want the components to roll off and get lost.

Remove the strap with a strap remover and keep it separately. The next step is to remove the back case cover. Using a back case opener, you need to precisely remove the case while making sure you do not damage it. Ensure that the opener is set perfectly since a loose fitting might put scratches on it. Once done, put a tiny piece of tape over the rotor to prevent it from moving. At this point using a glove or finger cots is advisable to prevent any debris or oil from coating the components.

The next step is removing the crown. Make sure that the crown is set in the 0 position. After that press on the release notch and pull the crown out at the same time. After the crown is out, you need to take the movement out. Once it is separate, you can use a bezel removal tool to remove the bezel. Insert the tool in between the bezel and the case and twist it slightly. This should pop it out. You can replace the bezel and the crystal too by the same procedure. Once done put all the parts back and insert the crown and join the straps. Removing the movement is optional in case of changing the crystal, but it can be ignored if you want to change only the bezel.