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How to change the crystal and the internals of your Seiko SKX007

Modding the Seiko SKX007 is fairly easy since the watch is made to be easily modded. You can find tons of Seiko SKX mods online and on to help you modify and make your watch just the way you like. With the right combination of watchmaking tools, you can do it yourself. Seiko engineered the watch such that it is easy to mod without any expertise. The obvious first step is to choose the mods you want to change.

You can browse through the huge number of Seiko SKX mods available on From sapphire crystals to bands and ceramic bezels you can get it all here. Once you have your mods handy, you can begin the process. The first thing is to have a clean workplace to do your modding since even a speck of dust can damage the internals of the watch.

Remove the straps using a strap remover and keep it aside along with the pins. Then use a back case remover to safely remove the cover. Using a remover is necessary since using the wrong tool will put scratches on it and can damage it. Make sure that the remover is set precisely and is not loose. Once the back is removed, the crown has to be taken out. Set the crown at the 0 position. At any other position and it will get damaged when you try to pull it out. After that press, the release lever and pull out the crown at the same instant.

After removing the crown, the movement is free and carefully take it out and place it on a cushion. Then remove the watch hands. Special care needs to be taken since they are very fragile. While doing it, you need to use a dial protector which can be a vinyl sheet. Set the hands at the 12 pm position and place the pry tool under them. Once removed you can take the dial out since it is not glued on. Replace the dial with the mod you got. After replacing it, you need to carefully set the hands back into position.

If you want to replace the crystal, use a crystal press to remove the crystal. After that, you also need to replace the gasket and put it back when installing the new crystal. Put the new crystal in position and press it in place using the crystal press.

Place the movement back and put back the crown in place and you are done. Your watch has a new look, and now you can flaunt it as new.