Oak Dining Room Furniture

Installing the latest oak dining room is something of a exciting occasion, mainly because you don't get to do it every day. Its' something that you may do every 5 or 10 years or if you move home and want a complete change.

However, there are other reasons you may want to buy a full oak dining room furniture set and that is if you are thinking of renting out your home or have a rental property. This is obviously something to think long and hard about, as you don't want to spend too much money on a rental home but oak furniture is so hard-wearing that it's a great investment and can take years of abuse and usage before it starts to show a patina - and even then a smattering of use can make oak dining tables and chairs look even better than when they're new.

Choosing whether it should be an extending oak dining table or 6 or 8 chairs or even a smaller round oak table with 4 chairs, is something that depends on the size of your dining room or kitchen area that you have. The rule of thumb is to have enough space around the backs of the chairs for 1 person to stand behind with the chair slightly out, this means that you have space to move the chair and get around easily when no one is sat at the table, for cleaning or access.

Therefore, if you have a decent sized dining area that can take a 6 seater, then buy one, if not go for a 4 seater that extends for the odd family get-together or Xmas, but if you're a family of 3 or 4, just buy a 4-seater.

Oak Dining Chairs

Whatever oak dining table you buy, invest wisely in the chairs as that's where you're going to be sitting every day. Oak dining chairs come with no cushion or padded PVC leather or cloth pad. This choice of which oak dining chairs depends on your decor of your home or dining room, and your preference, you can of course choose ones and add a cushion at a later date but it's a little out-dated that, and something you should try to avoid, if possible.

There are so many oak dining chairs that are available that there should be plenty that match your needs.

Take a look at Joot's Oak Dining Tables and Chairs here for an insight into what's hot right now.