Oak Furniture in the UK

January is the peak sales time for oak furniture in the UK. It's not surprising then, that to entice more sales, Joot offers a stunning 20% discount off all January orders.

For once, there is a company that delivers the goods themselves - no third party courier or logistics company, but us. That means we know exactly what oak furniture products need a two-man delivery slot and why. This also means that we can ensure that the goods are sent and delivered at the exact time you're going to be in to collect it. As oak furniture is heavy, we need to take extra care not to knock the corners, damage the sides, legs of oak dining tables or chairs, and when placing it in your home, that it's in perfect condition.

See our returns policy for information about returning the items if they don't suit or are damaged.

When it comes to oak furniture in the UK, there are a few big suppliers, but if you look at their delivery times you'll notice that they are sent direct from China. Not that there is anything wrong with China, but we hand-source and stock in the UK our oak furniture, so we know that each and every one has already been delivered and pre-checked by our expert oak furniture staff - and that means the quality is higher, the damages are lower, the returns are fewer, and our customers are happier: not to mention happy because we're cheaper being a 100% online oak furniture shop rather than having huge shops that only make the cost of the product increase.

Oak furniture can be described in an easy list -

  • Oak dining tables and dining sets
  • Oak console tables
  • Oak coffee tables
  • Oak beds and wardrobes
  • Oak side tables and oak chest of drawers

The types of oak that are available, include:

  • Light oak
  • Rustic oak
  • Dark oak
  • Painted oak
  • Sanded oak
  • Medium colour oak
  • Standard oak

Whatever your needs or combinations are, we can help at Joot. Our oak furniture is available in whatever you need as we have various collections that suit many tastes. From a light oak console table to a rustic oak dining table and chairs, we have it all. 

What's good about Joot is that we allow one purchase per collection or the full range. So if you want 'oak' in your home but want to mix and match light oak and rustic as well as a few standard oak items, that's perfectly fine. Just add them to the basket, and all will be delivered at the same time where stocks allow. Mentioning stocks, we sell out quickly as we're so competitive so there sometimes can be 2-4 week lead times if we don't have certain products in stock; not because they are shipped from overseas but because it takes time to fell the oak trees (and plant new ones), cut and finish the oak to our standards ready to be sold to you, the customer.

We hold close to £1m of oak furniture in stock in the UK right now. With January sales and oak furniture being part of those, we implore you to buy early to avoid any waiting times. That said, the wait times are still shorter than our competitors who hold almost nothing in stock, so you're still better off and will save money too with Joot.

Real oak furniture is varied, comes with a beautiful natural finish and sets off each and everyone's home perfectly. It has that solid feel, it's heavy and will last a lifetime. Yes, you may have to wax or varnish if you would like added protection, but some people find the patina of day to day usage appealing as well. It's up to you, one  thing's for sure is, that you will love Joot's oak furniture.