Online Furniture Shop Launches in the UK

Here at Joot, we've been in the online furniture industry for many years, but have decided to go fully online now. We have a reputation in Europe, USA and are now bringing the wonders of online opulence to the UK.

Ironically, we're from the UK but we focused on other markets until now. We have gained years of experience in the online furniture shop world, including all home accessories, kitchens and bathrooms online, that lets us sell only the very best what's out there. We know that everything you buy in your home is important, even from the tiniest light switch, to the largest of cinema sofas and new marble topped kitchen. This is why we only stock and showcase the very best products in the world.

Launching an online furniture store in the UK isn't something that's new, but we do it differently. We have our own logistics team so although deliveries may be slightly slower than the likes of UPS, our two-person delivery teams make sure that nothing gets scratched, bumped, dinted or ruined as they work for us. Third-party delivery firms tend to care less than our guys, and that's why we do it. Obviously accidents do happen from time to time, but we're around 600% less likely to damage your order than a delivery company; and that's just one reason why Joot is pretty damn incredible.

We're in the local and national newspapers, just search for Joot online furniture, and check out our other categories from kitchen quotes to bespoke bathrooms and interior decor.