Sapphire crystals- The ultimate protection for your watch

When buying a new and expensive watch, the most worrying factor is the glass face. It is one of the most noticeable and significant parts of the watch and yet the most vulnerable. Many of the expensive watches boast of tough glasses and scratch resistant features, but not many can protect it from everyday handling and rough use. If you wear the watch every day and want it to last long, then the best option is to go for a sapphire crystal. Nothing can beat sapphire crystal since it is only scratched by diamond.

Sapphire is made under high pressure and heat. Most of the time the sapphire is available with an anti-reflective coating enabling you better viewing angles. Sapphire is also produced artificially, and thus it further reduces the cost in some cases. Thus, when buying a watch with the sapphire crystal, you need to be sure what type of sapphire it is. The artificial sapphire is similar to the natural one, and thus it is highly resistant to scratches and bumps. You get a completely blemish free dial window with long-term durability.

Seiko SKX700 is a watch that can accommodate a sapphire crystal at a fraction of the cost of a new watch. Originally the watch comes with Hardlex, which is Seiko’s answer to sapphire. Hardlex has its own set of advantages such as resistance to cracking. Sapphire crystals can easily crack if the force is strong enough, but it is highly resistant to scratches. While Hardlex is very tough to crack and can handle more force than a sapphire crystal, but it is prone to a bit of scratch.

If your Hardlex case gets scratched or if you simply want to replace it with sapphire then you can opt for the Seiko SKX007 mods. You can buy it online from Joot and either insert it yourself or get to a modder who would fix it. With Seiko SKX007 modifications you can make the watch just the way you want it. Instead of buying a new watch with a sapphire crystal costing several times the cost of a Seiko SKX009, this mod will not only save you tons of money but will also reduce the hassle. Thus if you are a fan of sapphire crystal or want to give your Seiko SKX009 an expensive look, then the sapphire crystal dial window is perfect for you. Coupled with an oyster bracelet this mod will turn your diver’s watch into a premium daily driver.