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Seiko - The finest example of Japanese craftsmanship

You must have heard about Seiko since they have been around for about a century. Seiko produces some of the finest watches, and their range includes diver’s watches as well as premium collectors’ watches. They were not always this famous since they had a humble beginning in Japan. The journey of Seiko is filled with amazing innovations and landmarks that made the company one of the top watchmakers in the world, rivalling the Swiss counterparts.

The company was an idea of Kintaro Hattori when he was merely twenty-three years old. Back in 1881, he worked as an apprentice to a watchmaker who gave him an idea to open his own shop for repairing watches. After the initial success, he started manufacturing watches. His strict work ethic and timely payments made him a favourite among dealers form offshore. Only after eleven years of running his shop, he opened a company under the name Seikosha to manufacture wall clocks. It was the beginning of an era and the rise of Japanese watches.

After making all clocks for a long time, they started manufacturing pocket watches. His pocket watches were so precise that the Japan National Railways adopted it as their official railway watch. This provided a much-needed boost to the reputation to Seikosha. Kintaro Hattori was a visionary, and he knew there would be a shift in the market regarding watches, and he was quick to result to accept the transition.

From manufacturing wall clocks and pocket watches, they shifted to manufacturing wrist watches. Coincidentally, they created the first wristwatch in Japan. The watch was names Laurel and was quickly a favourite among the consumers. To signify their rapid growth, they constructed the famed Wako Clocktower which still stands today as a tribute to Kintaro.

Seiko has a number of World’s first with innovations ranging from the internal mechanisms to precise movements. The created the Dia shock which protected the internal parts of the watch and their magic lever which is used in their self-winding watches and are still available in the market. They also produced the first Japanese watch with a stopwatch and Japan’s first diver’s watch. Seiko is also credited with making the first quartz watch in the world.

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