Tools you will need for your Seiko SKX007 modifications

Modding is becoming increasingly popular, and you will find a number of DIY modding tutorials on the net. With the new mods available on the market modding is fairly easy and if you have enough time, then you can easily do it at home. Seiko has ensured that to mod the SKX007 you will not to be a watch master. With some basic information about the watch parts and some basic tools along with a considerable amount of patience, you can successfully mod any part of the watch. To begin the first thing you require is a set of excellent and precise tools. Handling a watch needs a lot of care, and if not using the right tools you carry the danger of damaging it. Thus, a set of necessary tools of high quality is a must.

A case back remover: If you plan to mod any internal parts of the watch then you will definitely need a case back remover since you will have to remove the back case and separate the movement. Using a high-quality back case remover will allow you to safely remove the case without making any scratches on the case.

Movement holder: The movement mechanism is very sensitive and fragile. Any slight jerk and the interior might be damaged. Thus, after you remove the back case, you will need a movement holder to place it. A rubber or wooden holder is the best since they do not cause any scratches on the surface. The plastic ones might be slippery, so wood is a popular choice.

Tweezers: One of the most common and significant tools in the watch industry. Your watch has components that are very difficult to hold and are very easy to damage. Tweezers allow to expertly handle the minute components without harming them. You will also need tweezers to place and remover hard to reach components.

Spring bar remover: It might be difficult to remove the bands of the watch without a spring bar remover and thus it is a necessary piece of equipment to safely handle the bands and remove them without damaging the case.

Hand setters: The hands in your watch are pretty fragile, and if handled wrong you might cause damage to them. Using a hand setter will allow you to set the hands precisely.

These are the basic tools that you will need to tinker with your watch. If you wish you can buy other specialised tools too. You will find most of these for sale on and are very handy for your Seiko SKX007 modification tools.