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Why is modding watches in fashion now?

Buying a new watch is an obvious choice if you are bored with your current one. But recently a new trend of modding watches has been emerging. With mods available widely in the market, modders are getting popular. Rather than buying new watches, people are opting for mods for their favourite timeless pieces. Due to the popularity mods are being manufactured in-house and are available everywhere, from online stores to watch shops. But why are customers going along with mods rather than buying new watches?

One of the reason may be the feeling attached to the watch. Most of us invest in a pricey watch and along the way it somehow becomes a part of us. Wearing it every day reminds us of its constant companionship. But when it wears down not all of us believe in replacing it with a brand new watch. By modding it, we get to keep our favourite watch.

When buying a new watch, the price is also a factor. Luxury watches are not cheap and getting a cheap watch might not be a good move since they do not last very long. So a better alternative is to mod your existing watch and make it look like a new one. If you are bored with your current watch, you can simply buy a mod and change the look of your watch. You can use the mods to easily alter the design of your watch entirely, so you get a new watch at a fraction of the cost.

Mods are easy to install and does not require much expertise. Most of the mods are built to be easily installed with ease and without much tinkering. With some simple tools, you can modify your watch at your home. This has made the modding of watches more popular lately.

Modding watches have diminished the boundary between watchmaking and tinkering. If you do not like the design of your new watch or if you feel the style of the watch needs some updates, you can simply mod it to suit your desire. One of the most notable watches to have the largest number of mods is the Seiko SKX. You can easily get your hands on Seiko SKX mods and other tools from online stores such as From customized bezels to wrist straps, you can find a wide range of choices to modify your Seiko watch. This is one of the few watches which is easy on the pocket and has the best customization options.