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Seiko SKX009J1 - The Pepsi

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The Pepsi Seiko SKX009J1 is a stunning watch and you'd be proud to wear it on your wrist. It looks and performs like a watch that costs 10x the price. It's an ISO certified 200m diver's watch, with a myriad of modification parts so you can have an utterly unique and personal SKX that matches your preferences.

Without a doubt, the SKX has set the benchmark for low-end price-point watches. All fashion watches cannot keep up, in fact, even some luxury brand watches do not have the robust nature and water resistance that the Seiko does.

Add in its 7s26 renowned movement that will last a lifetime without servicing, the automatic movement is a joy to watch sweep around the dial effortlessly. Although we sell parts and modify SKXs as well, there is no doubt that a standard SKX009 in original spec from the factory in Japan is a perfectly capable and adequate watch for any situation you find yourself in. Priced at a point where you'd not be an emotional wreck if you break it. The lowdown is that the SKX009J is ultra functional, usable and everyday wearable; there is no denying this is a watch that everyone should own.

*Please note, we cannot be responsible for any taxes/customs charges owed when the watch arrives. And, we cannot and will not amend the value, due to insurance purposes. Please take this into consideration when ordering. The item will not come in a Seiko box as the postage is lighter and faster this way.