red double dome sapphire crystal for a seiko skx007 mods

Double Dome SKX Sapphire Crystal - Red Anti-Reflective Coating (AR)

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With a mid-point height of 3.7mm and 38mm diameter, this Seiko SKX007 and 009 sapphire crystal watch glass is perfect. It is the best investment you can make on an SKX. It looks like a £2,000 watch immediately after fitting it.

The whole process of swapping the original Hardlex crystal for the sapphire takes around 5 minutes for a hands-on DIYer, or 10 minutes for your first time. You will need a few tools, which you can see on our site. We sell a bundle if this is your first time modding. We also recommend a ceramic bezel insert as that is the cherry on the cake.

The SKX007 sapphire crystal comes with a red anti-reflective (AR) coating, which looks so much cooler, masculine and meaner than the blue or purple that can be found. Coupled with the red writing of 'Diver's 200m' on the dial face, the red AR makes that pop even more. Colour management with your SKX is key to making it look extra special.