british racing green hulk sub rolex skx007 ceramic bezel insert

Green Ceramic Bezel Insert SKX007 - British Racing Green

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The unique to Joot "British Racing Green" (BRG) edition of the Seiko SKX007 ceramic bezel insert series we sell at Joot. Works best with one of our quality NATO straps or a sumptuous leather strap for that classy British look. However, it's a very subtle green colour, not bright and in some lights it looks much darker green.

Our ceramic bezel inserts for the SKX007 or 009 (if you dared remove the Pepsi insert) gives your watch a totally new look that is impressive, looks far more expensive than it really is, and butted up next to a double dome red sapphire crystal you have yourself a ultra-quality diver's watch. Perfect when you're looking for that modded Seiko SKX007 BRG watch.