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seiko skx007j1 resin strap standard original unmodified

Seiko SKX007J1 - The Standard

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If Seiko SKX007J is perfect standard, then you can buy from us; an ISO standard 200m diver's watch that won't break the bank. We sell the SKX007J (Japan edition) only.

We can source the K (Malaysian) if you wish and are looking to modify your SKX immediately, but Joot always recommends to start with a J. Comes complete with a 22mm resin strap, but we also have bracelets and NATO straps available.

Add in a double dome sapphire crystal with red anti-reflective coating and you have yourself a stunning watch. Add a ceramic bezel insert and it will look like it's worth 10x the price you're just about to pay.

*Please note, we cannot be responsible for any taxes/customs charges owed when the watch arrives. And, we cannot and will not amend the value, due to insurance purposes. Please take this into consideration when ordering. The item will not come in a Seiko box as the postage is lighter and faster this way.